About Us

We're Cheshire Disability Home

Welcome to Cheshire Disability Home ~

We are a center of medicine and health. We help those who have health problems and nurse them back to good health.

We have different teams of medical personnel working around the clock to save lives and also treat patients.

Our doctors and nurses have years of medical experience so you’ll be in good hands when you arrive at our medical home.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best medical service to our patients and make sure that they’ll be able to enjoy their love to the fullest.

Our Vision

Our vision for this medical center is that it becomes recognized as one of the best medical center in the world.

Our Medical Partners

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Cheshire Disability Home

Our center treat patients but is also home to those with medical liabilities.

Cheshire Disability Home is a place for those in need of medical assistance. We accept all kinds or patients. We always give our 110% in treating our patients that come to our medical center.