Various Departments

We have different medical departments

Various Medical Services

We have different medical services for all

Experienced Medical Staff

Our doctors and nurses have years of medical experience

Comfortable Center

Our center is big and spacious so you won't feel cramped

Welcome to Cheshire Disability Home

We are a medical center that seeks to provide the best medical service to all patients.


Get to know more about us and our center.

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Medical Departments

The back line of Cheshire Disability Home


Each and every one of our departments are equipped with modern equipment as well as state of the art technology. We make sure that our center does not lack behind when it comes to technological advancements to medicine.

Featured Services

Here are some of the medical services we provide

Free Checkup

Get your health checked

Cardio Exam

We make sure your heart is working right

Blood Testing

Get your blood tested to find out if you have any diseases

Head over to over medical center to get yourself checked out now.

Visitation Hours

MONDAY 08:00-21:00
TUESDAY 08:00-21:00
WEDNESDAY 08:00-21:00
THURSDAY 08:00-21:00
FRIDAY 08:00-21:00
SATURDAY 08:00-21:00
SUNDAY 08:00-21:00

Fees & Insurance

For the convenience of our patients Cheshire Disability Home provides direct insurance billing with all the major international insurance providers and assistance companies.

Need a personal health plan?

Call Now 03-2770-9995 and receive top quality healthcare for you and your family

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